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Time to open the Music Box once more

Magazine article about Music BoxThis year sees the 30th anniversary of the ‘On-air’ satellite launch of the first pan European dedicated music channel.  That’s right Music Box made it first, years ahead of its rival MTV.

Martin early music box

The  launch was a glitzy affair with press parties buzzing with celebrities of the day and attended by all the original Music Box presenters: Martin Buchanan, Sunie and Simon Potter.


The marketing and PR departments along with the production department had been working their little socks off to make this an event to remember.  There was a lunch at the Roof Gardens in Kensington High Street where a soon to be Music Box presenter Julie Brown the 1984 disco dance champion, showed off her skills to an admiring audience.

There was a swish lunch at the Cafe Royal in Piccadilly and then finally the piece de resistance! A fabulous evening at Stringfellows nightclub to which the whole of London’s media were (unintentionally) invited, complete with break dancers  and a very special broadcast opening show which brought the house down.